Monster Pillow

The First and Original "Monster Pillow"

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The Keep-SAFE Monster for all of your things you keep losing... and cannot find.

Put all of your things in ONE SAFE PLACE.
Easily stuff the mouth with your items:

  • your remote-controls
  • your keys
  • your homework
  • your pencils and pens along with notepads
  • your wallet
  • your mail... to go thru later
  • your bedtime reading.... books included
  • your candy... to eat later, if the Monster doesn't
  • your money along with coins ... YUM!

Monster Pillows come from one of many planets.
The main planet is called "Say-Fee-Tee-Kee".
--- More on this planet and why they are here later.

Monster Pillows come in various sizes and colors.
from -----------:
* 4" square Ba-Bee-TEEKEES
to -----------:
* 14" square Da-Dee-TEEKEES
* 14" square Ma-Mee-TEEKEES

They have clans and family names that are CRAZY!
... A lot like the Monsters themselves.


Each Monster Pillow comes with:

1) Pillow (made in USA)
2) Story book with the "Monster Pillow History"
3) Certificate of Authenticity